Eat Your Heart Out?

No, I am not talking being envious or jealous. I am talking about ingesting large quantities of good food. Here for you this weekend is how you can eat your way thru Ridge:

Ever wonder why Pier 450 calls their restaurant POV? Clue – it has has to do with the following:

Saturday, while the Ridge American Legion does not offer much, if anything of a view, it does offer up a very good steak dinner:

Sunday, the Knights of Columbus are not playing, but rather are serving chicken:

And of course along with those options you also have Courtney’s, Mike’s Baymart and the Ridge Market Deli to choose from.

At Buzzy’s, no food, you drink.

Music-wise, I caught this young lady’s act in the Netflix movie Purple Hearts. The movie was a little cheesy but overall not too bad a waste of two hours of your life. And, like Jackson Brown once wrote about one of his backup singers -“That girl could sing.”

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