Grand Canyon Update

Buzzy and Me at the Canyon

I have mentioned my one and only visit to the Grand Canyon with Mom and Dad when I was a toddler (click here) and here.

The other day someone asked me where have I been that I would like to go back to and I mentioned re-visiting the Grand Canyon. Had it not been for Mom taking several photos of my first visit there, I would never have known nor remembered that I had been there. Thus, I feel that I need to make a return and seal the deal as they say in the sales’ world.

However, as I was sorting thru some of those old photos that Mom took of me I found one that made me pause and say “Whoa!?”

On the Edge

On my next visit, think that I will be a tad less brazen on how close I get when looking over the Canyon.

Nice little Marc Cohen tune for you:

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