It Comes in Threes

What comes in threes?

Answer: Captain Kirk’s ears – his left ear, his right ear and his final front ear.

What comes in threes? – The Book of Threes

I wanted to lead with that stupid joke because usually whenever I hear “It comes in threes” said in Buzzy’s Country Store it is associated with three folks who have died within a couple days of each other.

Well, in another effort to move on from that saying and its death association, how about we start a Buzzy Photo Collection thru the years of “It Comes in Threes.” Here goes:

Joan, Charlie and Buzzy (Charlie Teasing Buzzy About No Money in His Shirt Pocket)
Jenny, Shawn and Reagan Buzzy Christmas Party 2010
Richard, and Pat With Michele Wondering How She Ended Up in a Photo With So Many Grinches
Barb, Lorie and Terri
Robbie, Kathy and Charlie – Did Someone Say A Rose Between…..?
David Watching, Brady Browsing and Shea Cell Phoning (FYI That’s Deer Jerky Not Weed in the Bag)
Marley, Caitie and Amanda at the Reluctant Navigator
Pat, Kim and Doug Unofficial Tri Winners of “I Drank the Last Dollar Beer at Buzzy’s.” (Smile Pat You Were the “Official” Winner!
Reagan, Lily and Emma at Buzzy’s
Pam, Joe and Pat at Sea
Marathoners Shea, Charlene and Sonney
Lori, Mike and Pat Who Very Obviously Said Something Very Funny
Glenn, Charlie and Pam (Jim Gray in Background – Maybe It Comes in Fours!?)
Mom, Ryan and Dad All Smiles
Jimmy, Buzzy and Lee Debating Things Karaoke-Related
Brady, Mike and Chris Not Debating Anything
John, Brian and Sharon Representing the South of Buzzy Club
Bobby, Marcia and Dickie
Dick, Buzzy and Polock Ali
Joe, and Helen Celebrating Their Mom Mrs. Mattingly’s 100th at Buzzy’s
Ernie, Brady and Dad Celebrating Brady’s 21st Birthday
Carl Lee, Edelen and Rufus Just Celebrating
Tim, Larry and Paul

Regarding the above photo of Tim Hewitt, Larry Crum and Paul Bishop, when I came upon it awhile ago, it made me sad to note that Larry and Paul have both recently passed. I called Tim to urge him to hang in there lest the “It Comes in Threes” curse hits him too.

But to leave you on an up note, how bout this tune from Three Doors Down:

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