Louise Today, Barb Friday

Drop into Buzzy’s later this afternoon to wish Louise Mann a very happy birthday. Louise turns something-or-other today so welcome her to the club!

Then on Friday come by and say “Goodbye” to Barbara as she gets ready to move south. Her “Married, Retired & Moving” note on her flyer reminded me of my 2007 trifecta when I remarried, retired, and bought Buzzy’s Country Store all within a year’s timeframe. What did I just say the other day about “it comes in threes?!”

Three Dog Night is best known for their hit songs Joy to the World, One, Never Been to Spain and Mama Told Me Not to Come. However, I always thought that Family of Man (click here) was one of their better tunes along with this “party tune” of theirs’ that asks the unanswerable question “Why be lonely?”

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