Maryland – Big Losers in Big 10 Football

When Maryland joined the Big 10 in 2014 my friend Gene, who taught at Maryland, was in Buzzy’s Country Store, discussing what a good move it was for them. He talked about the research facilities and connections among the Big 10 colleges along with, of course, all the financial incentives in it for Maryland. Like Bruce once quoted “Sooner or later it comes down to money.”

Somewhere in our conversation, I asked Gene about how the Terps were going to do competing with the Big 10 bubbas on the football field. Gene laughed and said quickly, “Oh we’re going to get our jock straps handed to us. Hopefully, after a couple years in the Big 10, we’ll pick it up and be competitive with them but yeah, we are in for a rough couple years.”

Well, my friend friend Gene was 100% right – the Terps have had their jock straps, and everything else handed to them, since they joined the Big 10. Here is their overall record:

Only reason I mention all this is because in Buzzy’s Country Store today starting at noon, I’ll have the Maryland/Michigan game on. This year’s Terps, who are 3-0 in non-conference games, have shown some ability to score points. That said however, I am not optimistic that they have a snowball’s chance in Ann Arbor against the Wolverines today. Accordingly, I will be rooting that the Terps can at least cover the spread that has them as an 18 point underdog.

Reminds me of the Steely Dan’s My Old School line “when we put you on the Wolverine up to Annadale” (click here.“) For years I thought it was a reference to a Michigan alum heading to Annandale, Virgina. What did I know?

Note – their old school was Bard College in Annadale, New York and yes both of them did make return visits to it even if California has not yet fallen into the sea (3:33 in video.)

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