Ridgell Family Photo

Someone in Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday asked me what my sister was holding in the photo I included in Sunday’s Buzzyblog post. To save you from having to scroll back to it, here is that photo again:

Dad, Donna Jean and Tinkie

And here is the photo that she was holding:

It is a little ironic that this popped up as it did, because just Saturday Donna, Lila and my Cousin Joe White were texting back and forth as to the first or middle names of some of our aunts and uncles. Lila passed along this note that Ms. Hattie made listing the names of her “tribe”:

One of the names we were looking for was Cotton’s middle name. On Ms. Hatties’ list above, he is the 5th entry as James with no initial nor middle name cited by her. Cotton’s prayer card reads James “Cotton” Ridgell. So the mystery continues and we will research other records to try and see just what Cotton’s middle name really was.

One other clarification from reading Ms. Hattie’s list is that I recall Buzzy often saying that he was one of 14 children. While the family photo only shows 9 children, Ms. Hattie lists 11 with a note at the end of her list that there were 3 more babies who died either at, or shortly after, birth. Catholic school math, 11 + 3 = 14. As usual, Buzzy had it right!

Music-wise I have been ripping some CD’s for my Father-in-Law Sol who is a big band fan. As I did so, this Artie Shaw tune caught my ear:

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