September Buzzy Birthdays

September begins with Labor Day on the first Monday of the month and concludes with the celebration of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) on the 26th. Thus, I guess you can say that September is a good party month from start to finish.

Throw in the start of the NFL and MLB’s pennant/wildcard races in full swing and overall September is a happening month. I would also note that another nice aspect of September is that the weather cooperates and starts to cool down some. However, forecasting weather trends has become a rather dicey endeavor, so I’ll just leave it that things SHOULD be cooling off come September.

September birthdays in the Buzzy family go like this: Duncan Lepper on the 5th and yes Buzzy’s will be open for his birthday celebration; El-Chucko Mettam and Pat Woodburn the 6th; Jim Gray the 8th. David “Clutch” Raley and Jack Murphy on 9/11; Sherry Pope and my niece Amy Hofmeister Mathews on the 14th; Paul White the 15th; Joe Cullison on the 22nd followed by Bobby Wright on the 23rd; Lori McKay and Donna Wheatley on the 25th. And to conclude a busy birthday month, Joan Bean celebrates on the 27th.

And don’t forget that Ridge Volunteer Fire Department is hosting the following:

For all you old farts like me, remember why there was only one reason we ever bothered to watch the sappy MOD Squad and that was because of Julie aka Peggy Lipton!

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