The Don

Beer deliveryman for Guy Distributing Johnny Burroughs once told me a funny story about his dealings with Buzzy and how Buzzy liked to give him a hard time. Johnny noted that one day Buzzy said to him “Boy, I wished you worked for me.” Johnny said that before he could thank Buzzy for the compliment, Buzzy followed up with “So then I could fire your lazy ass.”

When it comes to insult comedy, Don Rickles is/was considered the master of it. In fact, if you click on the Wiki link for it, you will find a listing of comedians who were notable insult performers and see Rickles listed as follows:

Don passed at the age of 90 in 2017 but a few months prior to that he had dinner with Marisa Tomei for his show Dinner With Don. Here he is at 90 still sharp and insulting as always:

To catch Don in his prime, check him out here doing his thing on the Letterman Show in 87. Watch Dave’s reactions. Couple of Don’s jokes in there he probably couldn’t get away with in today’s environment. See what you think.

Note – Today I was going to conclude my Texas trip trilogy by talking about the whole JFK/Dallas deal including my tour of the Texas Book Depository Museum. However, I was not in the mood (where have I heard those words before?) for hacking into all that today and will save that downer post for another day. It is the last day of August so lets go out upbeat right?!

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