Talking Baseball (Yes Again!)

Today in baseball history 1961 Roger Maris tied the Babe’s season record by hitting his 60th home run (click here.) He hit it off Orioles’ pitcher Jack Fisher and I remember listening to it on the radio. That it was 61 years ago would make me think about maybe playing and boxing the number 601 in today’s lottery.

Couple days later (1 October) Maris broke Ruth’s record when he hit #61 off the Red Sox. Of course today we have this Judge fella sitting on 60 homers and readying to tie and or break Maris’ record of 62 any day now. The Yanks play their next 3 games in Toronto so I’m hoping he does it against them before the Yanks play the O’s next weekend. I am hoping that; but I got a feeling that Mr. Irony will see to it that Judge either ties or sets the record against the O’s in New York next weekend. What’s that saying about history repeating itself?

Caitie and Brady took their guys and gal to the O’s/Astros game yesterday and sent me these great photos commemorating their first O’s game at the Yard:

Caitie, Blaise and Brady Posing; Marley After Stoney’s Skittles
Marley Strapped In Ready for Some Baseball

Special thanks to Bruce Henry for the O’s tickets and parking pass. Everyone had a great time as seen here in the post-game ride home:

Music-wise – why can’t the Orioles have a cool 7th inning song, or at least something other than John Denver’s Thank God I’m a Country Boy bs? (For a good article on MLB teams’ music (click here.)) So in hopes that the Blue Jays will allow Judge to tie and set the home run record against them over the course of their next 3 games, here’s their OK song, which is more than OK with me.

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