Darren Baker – His 30 Seconds of Fame at Three Years Old

As a followup to yesterday’s post on Dusty Baker’s entries in baseball history, my friend Charlie Harless directed me to a third historic Baker baseball moment involving Dusty’s son Darren.

As manager of the World Series-bound Giants in 2002, Dusty had named his then 3 year old son Darren to serve as their batboy. Watch how that played out in game 5 of the 2002 World Series between the Giants and Angels:

Following that event, MLB would raise the minimum age for batboys to 14 (click here.) Seems a little too old to me; but then again there are a lot of silly age restrictions that seem too old to me.

So there you have it: Dusty gets recognition from the baseball Gods for being on deck to Hank Aaron, the high five and the minimum bat boy age. Pretty good trifecta. Now if he can just notch a World Series that would take the cake, or something like that. (I started to say “be the cat’s meow” but remembered that I don’t like cats.)

Note too that Nationals’ fans may be hearing more about Darren because he was drafted by them in 2021 and is currently working his way up the ladder thru their minor league teams (click here.)

Speaking of cats, here are some musical dudes I enjoy listening to with just maybe the best rockabilly tune of them all. That’s Brian Setzer on vocals and lead guitar.

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