Haunted Country House

Here is a Halloween story for you featuring a restaurant named the Country House located in Clarendon Hills, Illinois (click here.) It used to be a country store/bar and is now said to be haunted by a young lady in a blue dress. The story involves sex as in an extra-marital affair, a young lady’s suicide and her eventual return as a ghost to haunt the establishment.

Built in 1922 the business was first known as Kobal’s Store “a place where locals could have a cold beer, conversation and a sandwich.” As with many businesses back then, the Kobal family lived above the business on the second floor of the building that Valentine Kobal had constructed. (I mention this because the second floor plays a part in the ghost story.)

The following video does a good job telling you the history of the Country House and the ghost story that goes with it.

Granted, it is a little on the sad side of Halloween, so let’s check out some music to liven things back up a little. Check out this interesting listing of the 50 Best Halloween songs (click here.) I say interesting because it has some good songs on it that you would not expect to see on such a list. There are classical tunes, show songs, novelty songs and others that are considered to be “halloween” songs even if the list’s author has to explain why they are so.

And while the following tune did not make the list, it is a great song covered by Alison who was born in Decatur, Illinois and grew up in Champaign, Illinois. Wonder if she ever visited the Country House.

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