October – Eat, Drink and Be Scary

Following my post the other day about how enjoyable the month of October is, someone sent me a note saying that it is also the best month of the year for cooking and for food in general. She mentioned October not only being National Apple Month but also a great time of year to fix chili, soups, hot and cheesy casseroles and of course anything with pumpkin in it.

I did some checking around and confirmed my friend’s October food focus. The following chart honors food and drink on 23 of 31 days in the month of October. (Haunted Refrigerator Night on the 30th calls for you to toss out all the scary things in your fridge. If we consider that to be a food-related day that brings the total up to 24 October days, including Halloween, that are devoted to food and drink.)

As you can see, the food spectrum is covered in October from World Vegetarian Day (1st) to National Chocolate Day (28th.) Throw in all those deserts and “p” foods such as pierogies, pizza, pretzels and pumpkins and October is a mouthful literally!

At Buzzy’s Country Store, I’ll see if we can’t honor some of these tasty days with a serving or two of our own. May take a pass on National Bologna and Garlic Lovers Days, but do have my eyes and taste buds set on a couple other National Days we could rightfully honor Buzzy-style.

Music, food and party-wise seems like Jimmy and Company fit right in The Middle:

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