Two Mercedes and A Bart Memory

Today’s Buzzy Twofer Tuesday is a doubler in that it features two cars AND a Bart memory. First lemme tell you about the cars shown here.

One evening recently, as I was leaving the Store, I took the above photo of these three vehicles parked in the Buzzy parking lot. I liked the way the two red cars were parked side-by-side in the foreground with Jan and Jerry Kiger’s white Little Mary pickup truck parked back behind them. (For previous 2018 Buzzyblog post on Little Mary click here.)

Initially, I did not notice that John Carbone’s and Ned Pratt’s vehicles were both Mercedes until I took a closer look at the photo. However, when I did realize that they were both Mercedes, it made me smile and think of something that went down several years ago during a session of Buzzy’s then 4 O’clock Club.

Some how or other, the 4 o’clock boys’ conversation had focussed on buying a Mercedes and how much it would cost to do so. At some point, Jim Gray called over to me behind the counter and asked if I could google Mercedes Series-Something-or-Other and see what it cost.

Bart was at the counter at the time, getting ready to check out and very dryly asked me “Did you ever think you’d see the day in your old man’s store when the topic of conversation was the cost of a Mercedes?” I laughed and told Bart “No, but then again there have been a lot of conversations in Buzzy’s that I never thought I would hear in here.”

Janis still has the most famous song about being able to afford a Mercedes Benz when she petitioned “Lord, won’t you buy me….” On the other hand, Prince wrote the following tune for Sheila E. to sing about a lady who already had a Mercedes but still wanted a man to share it with. I have played Sheila E.’s version previously, so check out this remake of the tune from an Aussie hottie Melissa Tkautz:

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