Our Witch

No Halloween discussion in Southern Maryland can be had without mention of our most famous witch Moll Dyer. I found this article in an old Baltimore Sun magazine that Buzzy had saved among his papers and things stashed on a shelf in the Store. Obviously he thought it was worth keeping. I am doubly pleased to pass this along because it was another Country Store owner who was responsible for helping to show the author where to find Moll’s rock. Read on.

Note that the rock is currently at the St. Mary’s Historical Society’s Tudor Hall. For a good video on how that came to pass (click here.) (At the 3:50 mark you can hear the author of the above article Philip Love discussing how Woodrow Bennett of Bennett’s Store and Bar contacted him to take him to find the rock. The rest of the story, as they say, is history.)

Only one song can be played here right? Little Richard wrote and recorded his tune about a Molly in 1956. Ten years later Mitch Ryder covered it and included a Shorty Long tune about a Devil in a Blue Dress to make it one of rock’s all time best medley’s. Little Richard wrote the “you sure like to ball” line while Mitch added the “go ahead and sock it to me” line.

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