Buzzy November Birthdays!

Several November birthdays in the extended Buzzy family: John Carbone on 2 November, John “Busser” Eaker on the 4th, Wes Demko on the 5th, Darline Madjeski the 8th, John Porter the 9th, Ella Ridgell the 9th, Sharon Barnhill the 12th, Harry Wheatley and Wade Norris 14th, Joe Stone 16th, Warren Burke and Tommy Courtney the 20th, Mary Lou Cullison the 23rd,  Bobby Cook and Bubba Cullison on the 30th.  In my immediate family, my Grand daughter Lily celebrates turning 16 on the 17th and my niece/Godchild Katie (Taylor) Allen celebrates on the 25th. 

Musically, here’s a good little tune sent my way from a good friend. Warning – it’ll work on and depress you if you think too much about it. Then again, isn’t that the case with just about everything that you over think?

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