JFK pardoned a turkey and three days later he was assassinated. Just saying.

Today marks the 59th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. When Brady and I did our baseball trip to Dallas earlier this year we took in a Dallas City Tour that included stops at the JFK Memorial, Dealey Plaza, the Grassy Knoll and the Texas Book Depository Museum.

The Grassy Knoll
X Marks the Spot

Our tour guide was quick to point out that his company offered a completely separate tour designed exclusively for JFK Assassination Folks. He noted that he would touch on some of the JFK conspiracy stories but he warned “Once you start going down those rabbits holes it’s hard to get out of them.” [Personal observation – the Tour Guide is 100% correct here because I have spent a lot of time prowling around various JFK conspiracy articles and stories. It has so many facets and storylines to it that you can literally spend hours reading about it. I even found this story of a dying man confessing to having been the second gunman on the grassy knoll (click here.)]

Throughout our Dallas tour, our guide would point out sights and then drop comments and info about the assassination. For instance, when we stopped in front of a night club, he informed us that it was run by Jack Ruby. He then went onto tell us how Jack played a role in the overall assassination story including how eye witnesses say they saw him on the grassy knoll moments before the assassination. Our guide concluded his account by noting “But the biggest question of all is how did Jack Ruby manage get into a Dallas police station filled with 70 armed policemen and end up 5 feet away from Lee Harvey Oswald close enough to shoot and kill him dead? Think about it.”

After our tour of the city, Brady and I then toured the Texas Book Depository Museum and got to see the 6th floor locale where Oswald camped out waiting for the motorcade to pass by.

Something that I wasn’t aware of until I saw it up close is that Oswald had a much better shot at Kennedy as the motorcade drove down Houston Street than he did after the motorcade turned left and headed away from him on Elm Street. Check out this photo (below) I took from what is known as Reunion Tower located across the way from Dealey Plaza.

You can see the brick building Book Depository 6th floor window (upper right one) where Oswald was. The motorcade came towards him and then made a left onto the street right in front of him. Why didn’t he shoot JFK there when he was closer and it was an easier shot? (Turns out I am not the only one who has ever wondered this (click here.) The conspiracists’ answer is “Because Oswald was not the only assassin and he had to wait for his cohort(s) to get their aim(s).”) (Note there is also some discussion about an Umbrella Man who gave the signal when to shoot (click here.)

The Colorful Umbrella Appearing In Front of the Grassy Knoll Was a Coincidence – Least I Think It Was

And as if we don’t need any more fuel for the conspiracy people, there is currently an ongoing churn over the release of JFK sealed documents related to the assassination and the ensuing investigations of it. These documents were supposed to have been released in 2017. However, our former old fart President declined to release them and postponed the decision for 5 years due this December. In an irony of ironies, the Trumpster sided with the FBI and the CIA to continue to withhold the JFK documents from the public for another 5 years. (Irony because he wouldn’t side with them when it came to taking Putin’s word over theirs’; but on not releasing the JFK documents he agrees with them. What’s up with that?!) For an excellent article on the current JFK documents’ status click here and read how and why the documents are being withheld.)

With the December deadline approaching, our current old fart President Biden has to make another call on whether or not to release the documents. My bet is that some, but not all of the documents will be released. All of which makes me wonder – just what are they holding back from us? All of which too, just reinforces and spawns more JFK conspiracies.

And as if all of that isn’t enough mystery and controversy for you, another JFK assassination conspiracy has to do with what happened to his brain following his death and burial (click here.) Turns out his brain went missing and thereby launched several more conspiracies (click here.) Pearl Jam even wrote a song about it:

Lyrics here for you:

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