No Turkey

Thanksgiving Week so let’s talk some turkey as in:

The 5 minutes research I did on this very important matter found that most folks say it is a myth (click here). The historians note that Franklin, along with John Adams and Thomas Jefferson agreed upon the eagle as our National symbol (click here.)

However, once this is established, several accounts then go on to quote a letter that Franklin wrote to this daughter talking about how he didn’t care for the eagle but preferred the turkey. This from a WaPo article

Ben Franklin turkey myth: He didn’t champion turkeys as nation’s symbol. He used turkeys in electricity experiments. – The Washington Post

So who knows if Franklin did or did not prefer the turkey? Sure sounds to me that he didn’t think much of the eagle.

You know the A Side Knocking on Heavens Door; but for some unexplained reason, Bob put this turkey instrumental on the B Side.

While it sounds like a jumble of banjo and fiddle music, hang with it and see if you don’t start thinking about a bunch of turkeys running around. Maybe Bob knew what he was doing after all.

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