The World Really Is Flat (At Least in the Florist World It Is)

How’s this for the “times” we live in? Pam’s Cousin Joyce in Rochester sent me the following text yesterday afternoon and I responded as follows:

A short time later, Pam and I got a knock on our hospital room door and in walked a fella with flowers:

Alright, I hear you asking “So what? Her cuz sent her some buds. No big deal.” Yes, it was a nice gesture, but what really impressed me was the time line that all this went down: Joyce texted me at 12:52 from Rochester, New York and less than two hours later at 2:41, the flowers were delivered to Pam in Baltimore. The Ridge boy in me is still impressed by stuff like that when it goes down so efficiently. (It helped that the Baltimore florist shop Fleur de lis is located nearby the hospital and that the owner’s husband served as our delivery guy. (Apologies for not getting his name.) Thank you to the Fleur de Lis folks for your prompt and excellent service. And of course, thank you to Joyce for your thoughtfulness. Pam is doubly blessed to have a friend and a relative like you.)

Talking Heads may have had only one Top Ten hit Burning Down the House, but led by David Byrne they did manage to become a big critics’ and fan favorite to ultimately make it into the R&R HoF in 2002. Here they are talking about flowers – at least I think they are since they have it in the title!

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