Two of the 7 Best Bars in Maryland

Knowing that I was here in Johns Hopkins Hospital with Pam, my buddy John Hamill texted me the other night to tell me that the Cat’s Eye Pub in Fells Point always has some good live music and suggested I check them out. I briefly considered trying to go to Cat’s Eye until I thought about how that conversation with Pam would sound: “Honey, I’m gonna go listen to some music and have some fun while you just lay here in this hospital bed in pain and try to recuperate.” Even the Ridge boy in me couldn’t quite pull the trigger on a shot like that.

But I have to admit that I did consider John’s suggestion enough to hit the old Google machine for info on the Cat’s Eye Pub. When I did so, I landed on this article titled The 7 Best Bars in Maryland and found that Cat’s Eye had made the list.

However, I was pleased to see that one of our Southern Maryland establishments also made the list of 7 Best Bars – The Lighthouse Restaurant and Dock Bar in Solomons Island (click here.)

So, congrats to the Lighthouse folks for making the List of Best 7 Bars in Maryland. And no, I am not jealous that Buzzy’s did not make the list. Remember, Buzzy’s is a Country Store and not a bar.

It always reminds me of something son Shea said to me when I took Buzzy’s over in 2007. He said “Dad, why don’t you just go ahead and make Granddaddy’s into a real bar?” When I asked him what he meant by a real bar he said “You know, get some pool tables, have some bands play music, stay open late. Make it a real bar.”

I laughed and said “Stay open late? Are you serious? I go to bed at 9 o’clock. If you want to, you can take over and stay here til midnight, 1 a.m. and run the place for me.” Shea obviously never took me up on that offer.

Hence, Buzzy’s remains what it is – a country store where you can drink. I bet if there was ever a category the 7 Best Country Stores Where You Can Drink in Maryland, Buzzy’s would be on that list.

When I checked into who was playing Saturday night at the Cats Eye Pub, turns out it was these folks:

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