SMR Class of 72 at Buzzy’s

Full disclosure – my sister Donna Jean and my cousin JW were members of this elite group of St. Mary’s Ryken graduates. That said, I think this group would have made their way into Buzzy’s even with out those personal connections.

Frances posted the following photo on her FB and I have “appropriated” it for all my Buzzyblog followers:

Donna provided me with the following:

Here is my summary: the 1972 classes from St. Mary's Academy and Ryken had their 50th class reunion last month. A few of the classmates got me  together for lunch at Frances' to tie up loose ends, then went to Buzzy's. John (JW) Raley, also a member of the Ryken class of 72, wanted to treat everyone to a bottle of Boones Farm just like old times.  Boones Farm is still made and JW bought the first round for everyone. We were disappointed J. Scott wasn't there but we will just have to visit again.

My thanks to all the 72ers for visiting Buzzy's and as Frances said thanks for "travelling south."  Wasn't all that far was it?  Here are a couple other photos from Frances' FB post:

Before Dionne and her friends covered this tune for the AIDS fund raiser and won Song of the Year honors in 1986, Rod had done it for the 1982 movie Night Shift. Both versions are good; but think I like Rod’s take a little more and in particular this friendship video accompanying it. See if you can identify all the friendships shown in the video. (Click here and scroll down for a listing of them if some stump you.)

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