Potomac Gardens

My buddy Joe Stone called me a couple Sundays ago and told me that he had just been to Potomac Gardens over in the 7th. He said, “J. Scott, they are right up there with Buzzy’s as a happening place. You wouldn’t believe it. They had over a 100 people there, eating drinking, listening to music and having a good time. You got to go and check it out.” (I started to tell Joe that Buzzy’s is lucky to get a 100 people visiting in the course of one week, so by that metric, Potomac Gardens is already way ahead of Buzzy’s on the Happening Place rankings.)

Potomac Gardens is the former Frank Gass-owned Country Store adjacent to the St. Clements Museum. I found this good article here on how owner Angie Wathen and business partner Sean Earley bought the old place and are in the processing of bringing it back to life (click here.) (Note the mention of my friend Jan Kiger and her stained glass windows for sale at the store.)

Here are a couple of Potomac Gardens’ photos that I found on that www machine:

From their website
Photo Steve Gass

But even before Joe’s recommendation to do so, I have been meaning to pay them a visit. I met Angie at a Beverage Association training session some time ago and immediately liked her when she agreed with me on a complaint I voiced about something to do with liquor license matters. Also, my friends Lois and Bob Williams have visited Potomac Gardens a couple of times and have had nothing but good things to say about them. I understand too, that they have a local 4 o’clock club thing going on daily also. So I do have a Potomac Gardens’ visit on my things-to-do-list.

Bottom line, is that it is great to see the continuation of the store being around and serving as a community meet and greet place. On that metric, they are up there with Buzzy’s. (Thank you for the compliment Joe!)

Leads me to this little plug for the coming weekend where you can hit the Museum and drop into Potomac Gardens:

Ok, promise not to bombard you from now to the 25th with Christmas tunes, but here is one I heard just the other day and wanted to pass along to tickle your funny bone:

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