This and That (Subtitle – Thoughts on a Rainy Day)

Here are some things I had stashed away thinking maybe one day I’d use them as blog material. Today, being rainy and crappy as it is, coupled with my lack of anything else to say, the time to clear out the ole clipboard has come:

First up, here is something saved for a Halloween themed blog post, but I never knew quite what to say about it other than it looked kinda funny in a weird way:

Someone Sure Went Thru a Lot Work To Make That Mousetrap

Next up I thought to include this in a new blog feature titled “Things I don’t Understand:”

Small Holes in Jeans Maybe, But Not This Knobby Knee Look

And speaking of things I don’t understand, November’s election day came and went with my forgetting that I had this observation in the on deck circle. (P.S. If any of you MAGA folks find this objectionable, how do you know who is being referred to here?!)

And back to things I do understand, I had saved these two hospitality industry comments but never got around to using them:

Sister Gregory came to mind when I saw this:

And lastly, just to keep it real here on the Buzzyblog, the Ridge boy in me could not let this meme go unnoticed. (If that is a double negative, then chalk it off to me not knowing what I don’t know.)

This article listed the author’s top 100 Christmas songs and has Kelly’s Tree tune at Number 3:

As always, if rainy days get you down, Buzzy’s always has something to turn your gray skies blue. Come on down!

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