Vegan Friendly

When I saw the young lady in Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday consulting her phone as she looked over the wine coolers and other flavored drinks we had to offer, I asked her what she was checking on.

She informed me that she was looking at the Mike’s Lemonade selections that I had on the shelf and wanted to make sure that the one she picked was vegan friendly and thus one she could drink. She then showed me the results on her phone app. (See? While other guys may have women showing them different “things,” I have women showing me their vegan friendly lists! To tell the truth, at this point in my life, I think I prefer seeing their vegan friendly lists.)

Turns out that the app results she showed me were from a company named Barnivore:

As you can see, among the Mike’s Lemonade entries, the Lemonade LITE was not vegan friendly. Accordingly, the young lady selected another one.

I just consulted Barnivore’s website (click here) to find out more about them and saw the following:

For those of you interested in downloading Barnivore’s app, you can do so by visiting their website (click here.)

Music-wise, I went looking for a health-related song about beer and wine and landed upon this very good live version of the tune from Eric & War. At 81 years young, Eric is still on this side of the earth and after some court battles, still owns his original band name The Animals. What’s left of War has splintered off into two groups with one original member still touring as War and the other remaining members performing as the Lowrider Band.

In addition to feuds over their original band names, another irony the two share is that Spill the Wine would be Eric’s last big hit tune while it marked War’s first of many hit songs. In 1973 War’s The World is a Ghetto was Billboard’s Number 1 selling album of the year. I believe in the following video, all of the original members of War are present. (Here is some War trivia for you – they got their start in L.A. as a back up band for former Ram’s NFL player Deacon Jones. More trivia for you, Jones coined the term “quarterback sack” and was the inspiration for Steely Dan’s tune Deacon Blues.)

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