Winter Solstice (Your Invincible Summer)

Some call it the long night of the soul; but the less serious among us just maintain that it is a good excuse to throw a party and have a good time whatever the sun is or is not doing up there above us.

Celebrating the solstice as the triumph of light over dark has traditionally been a fun affair as described in the following:

2022 winter solstice: Four ways to celebrate (

I particularly like that last sentence “Gather round the ones you love and …. ride high on breaking bread and being alive.”

Later today we will have a little shortest day celebration at Buzzy’s. Drop in if you are in a solstice-partying-kinda-mood. Have a shot of egg nog, help light the Buzzy Christmas tree and of course enjoy lots of good things to eat and drink with all your Buzzy friends and family.

And not to go too existential on you, before playing some rock n roll, check out this Albert Camus quote:

This from Eddie and Ronnie:

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