You Don’t Snow

Three NFL games on tap for today and yes we will have them on the tube at Buzzy’s Sports Bar. (When I took over in 07, I thought briefly about making that name change but decided to stay with what I knew best – Country Store. Glad I did so.)

The third NFL game will be played in Buffalo tonight where the forecast is calling for freezing temps and a foot or more of snow. The Bills are hosting the Miami Dolphins.

When asked about playing in the snow, Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa noted that he had previously thrown the ball around in the snow when he visited his brother Taulia in College Park, Maryland (click here.) (Taulia is University of Maryland’s starting QB and leads me to a quick aside here. Taulia will be leading Maryland against NC State in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl on 30 December. If you don’t recognize the game as Duke’s Mayo that’s because Duke’s only became the sponsor in 2020. Before Duke’s, the Bowl had been sponsored by Belk, Meineke Car and Continental Tire. When and if the mayonnaise boys decide to opt out of their sponsorship, I may just have to see about it becoming the Buzzy Bowl. Has just as nice a ring to it as does Duke’s Mayo Bowl don’t you think?)

But back to Brother Tua’s making his case for being snow prepared based on his having thrown the ball around here in Maryland in the snow, someone commented “Dude, you are in for a very rude awakening because Maryland snow is nothing like Buffalo snow.” The major difference between Maryland and Buffalo snow is that while we tend to measure our snow accumulations in inches, they do so in feet.

The Vegas folks are very obviously not enamored with Tua’s and the rest of his Dolphins’ ability to perform in the snow and have them as a 7 point underdog. I may just have to pulse my bookie and make a little wager on Tua and his Maryland connections to at least cover that 7 point spread. Then again I’ve lost a lot of money playing Maryland-based hunches thru the years. Head says pass, heart says play. What’s a Ridge boy to do?

Answer – play some music:

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