The Rex

Hats off and good luck to my friend Joey Kurley and his team for all their efforts in bringing the old Rex in Leonardtown back to life. The Baynet recently featured Joey and company in this article (click here.) (Note that the article discusses how the Rex was opened in 1941 by Kenneth Duke Sr., Cathy Wright’s Grandfather.)

The current issue of the County Times has them on its front page along with a nice article that I have excerpted below:

Damian Tucker, Joey Kurley, Kiera Johnson and Desmond Tucker

I hi-lited Joey’s comment where he noted that having Governor Hogan and Cal Ripken in attendance at State’s Attorney Jami Sterling’s swearing in celebration saying “It was not a bad opening night.” Guess it wasn’t!

Joey has also recently agreed to serve as our St. Mary’s County Licensed Beverage Associations’s President. Good work Joey!

Last movie I saw at the Rex was one of their midnight showings of the Rocky Horror Show. Talk about doing a time warp. Let’s just say that it was more than a jump to the left!

Rocky Horror Show was written by Richard O’Brien who is shown in the above video playing Riff-Raff.

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