Good Old Boys

I was visiting Dr. U.K. Shah the other day for a consultation on having an endoscopy done, when he mentioned treating my Dad back in the day. He said that he liked seeing and treating Buzzy, but he used to try and talk Buzzy into cutting back on his drinking. Dr. Shah shrugged and said “But your Father never did listen to me about his drinking. I could not tell him anything about that because he was one of those Good Old Boy St. Mary’s Countians who just did what he wanted to do.”

When Dr. Shah trotted out his “Good Old Boy” description of Buzzy, I had to smile because that was the gist of the bumper sticker that he once had copies made and disseminated in the Store. I found these exchanges on Massey’s “You Know You Are From St. Mary’s” FB page:

Note that Carol and Harry were absolutely correct in that Buzzy did have a stash of these.

Only one song to play here right?

P.S. There is quite the history behind the General Lee car(s) used in the Dukes of Hazard (click here for that discussion.) The original General Lee is now owned by golfer Bubba Watson who painted over the Confederate flag on the car’s rooftop. However, the second General Lee is currently on display in the Volo museum in Illinois. The museum continues to display the General Lee 2 with the flag and it’s museum directors insist they are not changing it (click here.) Like Dr. Shah said, you can’t tell good old boys what they should do.

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