No Name Pub

While in Marathon, Florida earlier this week I received a call from Jimmy Cullison inviting Shea and me to join him and Mary Lou on a visit to the No Name Pub. (My travel mate John Carbone had gone fishing that day, so Shea and I took Jimmy up on his invitation.) Glad that we did so because, as you can see in the above photo, we found the Pub. We had lunch and drinks there and had a great time taking in the No Name scene.

For those of you not familiar with this infamous Keysian landmark, check out this article “Behind the Legend and the Lore of the No Name Pub” posted on a wall inside the Pub:

As for the dollar bills attached everywhere to the walls and ceilings in the Pub, go to the 2:00 mark in this video:

Although the video’s narrator notes that it is estimated that over $90,000 in dollar bills are attached to the walls and ceiling of the Pub, our bartender Devin put the total figure to be up in the 6 figure range as in $400,000+. Think I just landed on a new idea for Buzzy’s Country Store!

While in Marathon, we also managed to catch a great cover band Rick Lieder playing at the Skip Jack Resort on Thursday nights. Wish I was still there to hear him play again tonight. His take here doing No Woman No Cry seemed to go with a place named No Name.

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