Miami Boat Show

Of course my main reason for visiting Florida last week was not just to visit the No Name Pub (yesterday’s post) but also to see and hang out with my family and friends. (No different than my reasons for getting up every day and living my life here in the County both at home and at Buzzy’s Country Store!)

While I know it seems like I may have my priorities a bit mixed up here post-trip first talking about bars and boats, note that I will eventually get around to discussing the main purpose of the trip which was to see my son Shea and his family.

Today though, here is another highlight of the Florida trip last week – the Miami Boat Show. John Carbone organized our trip to first have us check out the Miami Boat Show before we headed south to the Keys. The Boat Show didn’t disappoint even for someone like me who is not a boat person per se. (Cruise ships maybe but anything else, not so much.) That said however, the Miami Boat Show is a spectacular, over-the-top event!

When they advertise it as the world’s largest boat show, I don’t see how any other one could be any bigger nor better. It is held annually in mid-February at multiple locations to include several marinas. Shuttle buses and a water taxi transport you around to the various locations where you can see every kind of boat imaginable.

My photos here do not begin to capture how overwhelming it is:

Miami Convention Center Floor
Check Out John’s Video of This View (click here.)
Marina Entrance
New Viking
Boats Galore

One of the Viking boats on display (my photo above) has a nice video here with the tune Shangri-la by Bassixx accompanying it:

Speaking of music, maybe Chris Jansen has made enough off this song to do just what he is singing about:

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