Florida Photos

Best thing about my get away Florida trip was seeing and spending some time with my family and friends. Here are some photos of me doing just that!

Grandson Shawn is Now Taller Than Me!
Steph and Shea’s House Located One Block From Sombrero Beach
Granddaughters Emma and Lily About to Head Out in Emma’s New Car From Her Dad B.J. Peterson
Lily Front Desk Manager at Skip Jack Resort
Emma, Steph, Shawn and Lily in St. Thomas

Steph’s Dad Eddie and Shea Doing Change Out Chores at a VRBO Eddie Manages
VRBO Overlooking Bay of Florida Rents for $11,500/week
Eddie and Me at the Old Seven Mile Bridge

We also got to spend some time and catch up with Charlene and Sonney Forrest. I didn’t get any photos of them but here is a nice one of them with Shea after he first arrived in Marathon and ran into them at a local restaurant

John, Jimmy and Mary Lou Happy Hour Chillin’

My thanks to John Carbone for all his efforts in arranging this Florida trip for us. I have always said that one of my life goals was to head to Florida in February when the Orioles commenced Spring Training. Although it was purely coincidental this time, nevertheless it came as a nice surprise to me to learn that the Orioles did just that last Thursday when John and I were there in the Sunshine State. Thanks to John I can now check that one off of my to-do list.


Another video here from Rick Lieder Band. Check out the dancing couple (at 00:40) who sashay their way thru the rest of the tune; something tells me this wasn’t the first time these two have ever hit a dance floor together:

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