Academy Awards – All Shook Up

Academy Awards tonight and I hear you saying “So what?”

There was a time when Pam and I would see all of the nominated movies. However, of the ten movies nominated for Best Picture tonight, the only three we watched were All Quiet on the Western Front, Top Gun and Elvis. (We tried watching a couple others such as Banshees of Inisherin and the Everything…. movie but we couldn’t get thru them. Nice thing about watching movies at home is that you can always punt and move on when you feel like doing so.)

While Elvis is nominated for Best Picture, it isn’t given much of chance of winning in that category. However, the actor who played Elvis, Austin Butler, is up for Best Actor and he would be my pick for best actor. He looked like Elvis, sounded like him, sang like him, and as I watched him doing so, I forgot that he was an actor and actually felt like I was watching Elvis himself. Tom Hanks as the Colonel is also good even if you find yourself hating him as you watch him continually rip off Elvis.

In addition to the great performances in Elvis, check out the brief look at a Tupelo country store near the beginning of the movie scene titled Shake Rag. (Video below shows the rest of the scene.)

The Elvis movie concludes with a scene from his final concert.

Elvis was 42 when he moved on. The Colonel lived to be 87.

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