Cocaine Bear

I am trying to talk Pam in going to see the movie Cocaine Bear now playing in our local theaters. For some reason(s), she doesn’t care to see it. Check out the movie’s trailer and you may see why I can’t get her to go.

Very loosely based on a true story about a bear ingesting a large quantity of cocaine, the movie has already grossed over 20 million dollars. It was released 23 February and has received a lot of attention I think mostly because of the crazy title and premise (click here.)

In an interesting footnote to the real bear’s fate, some enterprising fellas in Kentucky opened a Cocaine Bear shop several years ago and it has became a popular tourist site. (Turns out that their stuffed bear is not the real remains of the original bear (click here for that story/.) However, that hasn’t stopped tourists from coming to visit thru the years and now with the movies’ release and success, business is booming at the tourist shop.

Leads me to think that Buzzy’s needs to house some crazy tourist gimmick like that. Several years ago, I recall Buzzy talking about marketing Chessie trinkets to tourists in recognition of the sea monster that supposedly roams around in the Chesapeake Bay (click here.) He never did so and the whole Chessie thing has faded away.

More recently around 2013, I thought about maybe talking to Willie Dean to have him let me display one of the 3 sharks that he caught in his fish nets.

Patrick Ridgell With Sharks Caught in Willie’s Nets

Of course, we would need an eye catching name like Killer Shark or even Buzzy Shark. Who knows? Maybe they might even make a movie out of it!

I have played Eric’s version of this several times before, but check out the song’s writer J.J. Cale’s take on it:

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