Falling and Not


Note – I was in the midst of debating whether or not to relate the following when I came upon the above quote from Keith. I took Keith’s quote as a green light to proceed with discussing my falling experiences.


Today, another observation on the ups and downs (literally) of getting older.

Sometimes when I am in Buzzy’s Country Store and getting or doing something in the side storage room, I will knock something over and it will make a loud noise as it hits the floor.

My friends out in the Store at the time having a beer and relaxing will immediately call out to me and ask if I am ok. I am quick to assure them that I am ok and thank them for their concern.

As I do so however, secretly I am a little resentful and pissed that they feel that they have to do this. I am fully aware that they mean well and got my best interests at heart, but still……..

P.S. Hope this doesn’t make me sound even more ungracious and insensitive a jerk than I already am.

Keith with the Xpensive Winos telling Eileen she can lean on him. We all need someone we can lean on right?

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