Oklahoma Rosa’s Cantina

Speaking of Oklahoma (yesterday’s post) made me think of a visitor to Buzzy’s Country Store a few weeks ago who commented that Buzzy’s reminded him of a bar in his hometown. When I asked him where it was located and if it is still opened, he told me “Northeast, Oklahoma in a town called Hominy. And it is closed.” When I asked him the name, he told me “Rosa’s Cantina.”

I did some checking around and found the following FB page for Rosa’s. Note the Intro description as “A small bar in a small town.” I can relate to that.

As I scrolled thru previous years’ posts and comments (the last of which was in 2021) it did seem that Rosa’s had a Buzzy-like vibe going on with her friends and visitors. For example there was this note from 2018:

I would attempt to implement Rosa’s “Old folks Sunday lunch” in Buzzy’s, but then again, everyday is Old Folks Something in Buzzy’s.

Note also the great profile picture above on Rosa’s FB page. It was done by Scott Youtsey in 2015. Here is a little better look at it. I blew it up specifically to call attention to the colored rose on the boot. Nice touch.

Hat, Boots, Cue Stick, Beer Bottle, and Packin’

I sent a message to Rosa’s via the FB chat feature only to receive back “Closed for renovations.”

When my Buzzy visitor first mentioned Rosa’s Cantina, it crossed my mind that I had heard of it, but I couldn’t quite nail down just where or when I had heard mention of it.

Turns out that it was Marty Robbins who made Rosa’s Cantina famous in his “El Paso” signature song from 1959. However, as the song title indicates, Marty’s Rosa’s was in El Paso, Texas and not Hominy, Oklahoma (click here.) In his song, Marty writes about falling in love with Feleena whom he named after a 5th grade schoolmate of his named Fidelina Martinez (click here.) Wonder if Feleena/Fidelina looked anything like Scott’s pool-cue-clutching-senorita above?

This video is very good because a) it was done live on Marty’s T-V show The Drifter and b) the setting is an old country store. Note the counter, wood stove, shelves,barrels etc..

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