Squirrels and Peanut Butter

When the guy in Buzzy’s Country Store asked me if I had any peanut butter for sale, I had to smile knowing that I had just finished eating a peanut butter sandwich and had tossed the empty container away. Even though there was a little bit pf peanut butter left in the container, I didn’t feel like trying to scrape it all out, as Buzzy would have done, and decided to toss it away. I made a note to pick up some more peanut butter both for me and to have on the shelf. (Don’t know why I have it on the shelf however, because in my going-on-16 years behind the counter, no one has ever asked for peanut butter until this guy just did.)

After I advised the guy that I didn’t have any peanut butter, and that Dollar General up the road may have some, I noticed that he was wearing a Mike’s Exterminator jacket. Mike’s recently bought out Angel Systems Exterminating whom I had had covering Buzzy’s for several years.

I asked, and he confirmed, that Buzzy’s is now part of his area of responsibility and noted “In fact I am working on a job now right down the road and need the peanut butter to catch some squirrels.”

“Squirrels like peanut butter?’ I asked.

He said “Squirrels love peanut butter.”

With that I then fished the tossed away container of leftover peanut butter out of the trash can and gave it to him telling him to just take it. He said “This is perfect.” He thanked me and left.

Next day he was back in the Store and thanked me again as he told me that he had caught 2 squirrels. He followed up by telling me “Man, there are squirrels all over that place. I may be down here alot.”

After he left, I made another note ‘Get a couple jars of peanut butter.’

Not that I doubted the guy’s statement about squirrels loving peanut butter, but I hit the Google machine to learn that he is correcto mundo and yes, squirrels do indeed love peanut butter. This from a site titled “Squirrel Enthusiast” – no kidding there really is such a site!

However, some squirrel lovers say that peanut butter is bad for squirrels and should not be given to them (click here.) (Of course if an exterminator is giving them the peanut butter to catch and get rid of them, what difference does it make?)

Don’t know how to conclude this little dissertation on peanut butter loving squirrels, because I have “nutthing” else to say on the matter. (Sorry.)

Thomas Rhett attempted the following squirrel parody of his first hit song “It Goes Like This” (click here to catch that original if this version is too squirrelly for you.)

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