Twofer Tuesday: Worm Moon & Bloodworms

Full moon today is called the Worm Moon named in recognition of the warming soil temps causing the worms to start moving about.

If you missed it this morning, don’t fret because you’ll have the next three days/nights to check it out.

On the subject of worms, this past Saturday in Buzzy’s Country Store, I had my first customer request of the year for bloodworms. This means that spring and fishing season can not be far off even if Rockfish Season doesn’t officially start until 1 May of this year (click here for related article on why it is being delayed until May this year.)

Bloodworms still continue to be the most sought-after bait among would-be fishermen. There is a joke that goes “What happens to fish when they get an addiction to worms? Answer – they get hooked!”

I made the mistake in Buzzy’s last year by not stocking bloodworms, but plan to do so this year. Like Buzzy used to say “If you advertise having something on your sign outside your business, then you should at least try and have it on hand for sale inside.” Since we have “Bait” advertised and bloodworms continue to be the most popular type of bait, once again we will have some for sale in the Store. Towards that, I plan to re-connect with a former bait dealer who once told me “Nobody knows worms like I do.” Someone that assured of his worm acumen, you got to deal with right?

Music wise, here is a totally awful worm song for you. Don’t say I didn’t worm, ok, make that warn you.

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