Call Me A Pontist

You have probably heard about those folks who have a fear of bridges right? They are called gephyrophobics. But how about those of us who love bridges? What are we called?

From the Latin word pons for bridge comes the word pontist. See the difference there between love and hate? Nothing fancy or unpronounceable for those of us who love bridges. I even found a blog for us called The Happy Pontist (click here.)

So how did this cross my Buzzyblog transom? (OK, last question I will ask you today.) I stumbled upon an article discussing the U.S.’ 25 most famous bridges (click here.) Our very own Chesapeake Bay Bridge clocks in at #13 on this listing but not for any romantic nor aesthetic reasons:

Another Article Also Talks to How Scary It Is (click here)

A short time after I read this article Pam and I headed over to Fredericksburg Virginia to visit with my Cousin Joe. It was our first time traveling over the re-built Governor Nice (and now Senator Middleton Bridge.) As we both commented on how nice it was and how much better traffic flowed across it, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad when I looked over at the former bridge and saw it now partially torn down and not being used at all. I felt like I had lost an old friend.

A few days later, I made my way down below Buzzy’s Country Store to visit my favorite bridge – the Cornfield Harbor Bridge.

Note – Nothing Scary About This Bridge

Bridge song for you (even if it is only a quick glimpse of a bridge in it at the end.)

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