25 General Stores

Found this Taste of Home magazine article showcasing “25 Old-fashioned General Stores Across America” (click here.) The article is well done (no pun intended) with a great photo of each store and a nice write up accompanying each of them. By way of example, here is what they had to say about the Jericho Center Country Store in Vermont.


As for the other 24 stores mentioned, as you scroll thru the article note the front porches, the ice machines, the Coke signs and mentions of the local post office. I was pleased to see that there were several stores on the list that I have featured previously here on the Buzzyblog. (Of course I am envious that there was not a 26th entry of Buzzy’s Country Store but hey, you can’t have it all right?)

One of the stores in the article is the Rabbit Hash General Store located in Kentucky. I have featured it a couple of times previously here on the Buzzyblog and even recall seeing a photo of Rabbit Hash used in a Kentucky Rain video. When I went looking for it however, I landed on another version of the song which I have included below. Mid-way thru the song, check out Elvis singing about showing a photograph to an old bearded man sitting on a bench outside a country store (1:34.) The video then displays a photo of an old country store that is not Rabbit Hash (1:48.) The photo shown instead is a colorized version of a 1939 photo taken by Dorothea Lange and I have discussed it previously also (click here.)

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