The Road Not Taken

A lady in Buzzy’s Country Store the other day related how as a senior in high school she had had a scholarship to college but her boyfriend wanted to marry her and after doing so she went to work. She noted how she often wondered how her life would have been different had she gone to college instead. She concluded by saying “Wasn’t there some famous poem about the road not taken? I could have written that.” (When I asked if she was still married to the boy friend, she laughed and said “Oh no, he was two husbands ago.”)

Later, as I reflected on her comments, it got me thinking about those decision moments in your life where you find yourself confronted with “two paths you can go by.” (Thank you Robert.)

Looking back, I have had my share of such moments. However, aside from a few not-so-smart choices here and there, I can honestly say that I am fairly satisfied with where the road of life has brought me. Content with what I got and where I am, I realize that there is no sense in looking back and doing any what-might-have-beens. Besides, as Satchel Paige advised “Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you.”

As for the poem that my Buzzy visitor was referencing, it is “The Road Not Taken” written by another Robert as in Frost. Courtesy of the Poetry Foundation here it is:

It was the inspiration for this 2013 country music tune recorded by Lauren Alanis:

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