Two Gardens

The idea for today’s Buzzyblog Twofer Tuesday came to me yesterday afternoon as I was puttering around in my little postage stamp of a garden when Cousin Clyde Ridgell texted me the following:

Clyde also included these other photos of his garden:

As you can see, Clyde’s got a great big old garden, whereas my little parcel is simply a reason for me to play in the dirt:

However, as I returned to tending to my little excuse for a garden, I had to smile that in his text Clyde was quoting back to me the words of my foot Doctor Dr. Demehri from a couple of years ago. I had told Clyde how Dr. Demehri asked me if had a garden. He then went on to tell me how relaxing and therapeutic gardening was for him and encouraged me to do likewise by advising me “You should have a garden.”

After my visit with Dr. Demehri, I returned home to tell Pam that I was going to plant a garden. She huffed a little as she said “So after all these years that I have asked you to plant a garden and you haven’t, now you are going to do so just because your foot Doctor suggested it?! Go figure.” I started to try and tell her that some things in life simply depended on timing, but instead uttered some variation of “Well, better late than never.”

You see, Pam has always enjoyed gardening and planting flowers and things around our Piney Point hacienda, but it was never a priority for me. I always equated it to yardwork and avoided it as much as I could.

Too, I recall my life-long friend Pat Woodburn telling me many many years ago how much he enjoyed tending to his garden early in the morning before he went to work. I remember thinking back then that the little bit of me-time that I had in the morning while the kids were sleeping and day was dawning, I spent reading the newspaper and doing important things like checking out sports results. I wasn’t going to waste that time on something as pedestrian as gardening.

But as I said, life is always a matter of timing, and some things just take a little more time to discover. Here then in my seventh decade, I have learned the pleasures of gardening. (I still don’t particularly care for yardwork, and unless someone can convince me how much fun that is, think I’m going to continue to take a pass on it.)

My little garden consists of plants given to me by friends Clyde, John Carbone, Pat Guy and Gary Milburn. Guess you can say that I garden with a little help from my friends (and my foot Doctor.) Here are the Muppets then as you have never seen them. Did Kermit really introduce this as a human sacrifice? Not sure how that fits in with the song; but hey, it’s only rock n roll right?

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