Billie’s Birthday at Buzzy’s

Twofer Tuesday so let’s go back to Saturday at Buzzy’s Country Store where we celebrated Billie Mattingly’s 101st birthday and had a Preakness Party.

Billie’s son-in-law Bob Mann had told me earlier in the week that Billie said she wouldn’t mind going to Buzzy’s again to celebrate her birthday as she did last year for her 100th (click here.) Through the week Bob gave me updates on whether or not Billie was planning on visiting. Then Saturday morning he called to tell me that Billie would be at Buzzy’s around 5:30. I told Bob that that would be perfect because I was having some pizza’s and Black Eyed Susans for folks around that time leading up to the 7 o’clock post time for the race.

Billie showed up and even won our friendly Preakness pool by picking National Treasure to win. Billie/National Treasure says it all! Couple photos for you:

Two Ladies From Leonardtown – Cathy and Billie
Mike, Helen, Louise, Bob, John, Billie and Joe
96 Year Old Talking to 101 Year Old

Charlie Simms, seen here conversing with Billie, is enjoying one of the few times that he is not the most senior person at Buzzy’s.

This song comes to mind. Herb is only 88 years young, continues to tour and play music. Maybe I’ll see if he wants to drop into Buzzy’s where he too would not be the oldest one there.

P.S. If you think you recognize this tune from somewhere that is because the “Weather Channel Local on the 8’s” frequently uses it as their theme music.

One thought on “Billie’s Birthday at Buzzy’s

  1. A fun evening….especially when the birthday girl won the Buzzy’s Preakness pool👍👍😁❤️

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