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The American Beverage Licensees (ABL) is a national trade association representing retail alcohol providers. At their annual convention being held next month in St. Louis, here are the proposed agenda items to be discussed:

  • Alcohol Industry Economic and Market Update
  • Payment in Retail: What’s Going on with Swipe Fees? 
  • Reporters Notebook: Beverage Alcohol Media Insights  
  • Cannabis: From Application to Operation 
  • Direct-To-Consumer Case Study: Michigan
  • Active Shooter Awareness 

I am fairly certain that somewhere in all the economic impact/media insights discussions, the whole Bud Light controversy will be discussed. (Perhaps the sub-title for that should be “How NOT to Handle a Scandal.”) For a related update on the controversy click here.

At Buzzy’s Country Store there has been a little fall off on Bud Light sales due to the controversy. A couple of my Buzzy folks have sworn off any Anheuser-Busch products completely; but most of my Bud Light drinkers just switched over to another Anheuser product. Conversations with folks in the business indicate that while there has been some fall off of Bud Light sales in a couple areas of the County (and yes, Ridge is one of them,) for the most part Bud Light sales are moving along as usual. As for the overall churn about it, like my Mom used to say “This too will pass.”

One final note on the ABL proposed agenda – is anyone else like me sadden that “Active Shooter Awareness” had to be included as an item that needs discussing?

And speaking of guns, I think that John was talking about shooting up heroin here, but you never know do you? Supposedly he came up with the song’s title after reading an NRA magazine article (click here.)

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