Sunday Morning Breakfast

In yesterday’s Buzzyblog post on upcoming weekend Events in the County, I started to include the following, but elected to save it for today as follows:

The fact that this is in South County and is sponsored by the Ridge Rescue Squad naturally got my attention. However, the more I thought about Sunday Breakfast, the more it made me wonder – just how did Sunday mornings get to be the Breakfast/Brunch thing to do? Why not Saturday or some other day of the week? Is there a Go-to-church connection on Sunday where after folks get rid of their sins they then feel free to go and stuff themselves at an all you can eat buffet? Or maybe it is the non-church goers who have nothing else to do on Sundays, so they head for a place where they can pass away a couple of relaxing hours slamming some grits (literally!)

I know, too many ponderables and so little time to sort it all out. But granted, Sunday is the king breakfast day of the week.

If I had to chose my favorite of Sunday morning breakfasts, Rick Meatyard’s Tall Timbers Marina’s Sunday Breakfast Buffet would be at the top of my list

And of course the added feature of visiting TT Marina for breakfast is that you can have one of Rick’s Best Damn Bloody Mary’s that he has ever made. (For a previous Buzzyblog post from 2012 on this (click here.) Note that the video of Rick preparing a Bloody Mary doesn’t want to display, so I’ll have to work on fixing that right after I finish my breakfast.)

Bon Jovi has another explanation for why Sunday is a dine out morning and it has to do with how one spent their Saturday night:


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