Where is Christy and Ty?

Here is the baseball photo I was looking for when I found the Cedargrove fellas I talked about the other day here on the Buzzyblog.

Note Babe the Only One Not Wearing a Tie – My Kinda Guy!

Shown in the photo left to right starting from back row:

The story behind the photo, is that it was taken at the 1939 MLB first Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The ten individuals shown were the first inductees into the Hall of Fame. I came across it reading Connie Mack’s autobiography which sent me looking for more info on the photo.

Having been to the HoF in Cooperstown when Jim Palmer was inducted in 1990, I recalled seeing something about there being five players who were initially inducted in 1936. Too, I knew that Ty Cobb was one of the five.

Turns out that the above photo featured living players and that Christy Mathewson, one of the original five inductees, had died in 1925 and thus was not in the photo. For a related article on selecting the first five (click here.)

As for why Cobb was not in the picture, I found this explanation which made me smile remembering the old saying that “The answer to everything is – money.”


Ty was too cheap to get there earlier. (For more info on the above photo (click here.)

And speaking of Christy, check out this medley of Lou with Leslie Gore (stay to end.)

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