Not Talking About Them

You know who I am talking about not talking about. It’s called being superstitious. The last time I mentioned them here on the Buzzyblog (click here) they lost 3 out of the next 4 games one of which I attended out in Seattle:

Once they did manage to get back to winning at a .600 pace, I made a vow to let them play on without any comment(s) from me. Thus, the sounds of silence about them from me these past couple of weeks.

That strategy has worked so well that I am now taking full credit for their success. Only being a tad sarcastic here. Note that I did say something indirectly about them this past Monday in the Buzzyblog post where I discussed all of our local teams winning on Sunday.

However, now that they have clinched a spot in the playoffs, as well as secured having home field advantage throughout the playoffs, things are looking good for them regarding the rest of the regular and post-season. Much as I hate to say this, I’m feeling pretty good about them. Hope those words don’t come back to haunt me.

At 95 wins for the season and with 11 games left against some weak competition, it looks like they should win 100 games this season. Thus, even my jinxing them by talking about them and their success so far isn’t enough to derail them. (See how I got “them” mentioned 3 times in that sentence without saying who them are or is? Apologies to Sister Gregory for any bad English here.)

Having said all this however, and continuing to be cautious, I am still not mentioning them by name.

Speaking of Them, as in music, these guys were most noted for their classic song Gloria. However, little known fact is that Gloria was originally released as the B Side to the following tune which became their first hit on the charts. (Gloria was released soon after by a US group the Shadows of Knight and became a hit for them (the Shadows) on the US charts. Van and Company would later see Gloria go on to become one of rock’s greatest songs.)

P.S. Ball game on today at Buzzy’s Country Store at 2 o’clock features some team playing the Houston Astros. Drop in and check “them” out!

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