Twofer Tuesday – Two Sunday Visitors (Three If You Count the Vette)

I had a nice group of folks in Buzzy’s Country Store Sunday afternoon relaxing and enjoying themselves. However, when someone came to the counter to inform me that “Joe Owens is here in his Vette,” I secretly smiled that he had decided to drop in and join the party.

I always like it when some of the older guys whom I used to look up to back in the day will now pay a visit to Buzzy’s. Unfortunately, these guys are getting fewer and fewer. For instance, I mentioned Bart and John Wayne in yesterday’s post. Then there were several guys older than me such as Elmon Price, Joe Tom Wright, Danny McCoy, Mike Rollins, Peezie Chaput, Larry Taylor, Eddie Green, etc. all of whom I knew, liked and enjoyed their company. All of them gone.

When I asked him, Joe told me he was 79 years old and my first reaction was not to believe him. But then it dawned on me “Hey stupid, you’re 72 and Joe was always several years older than you – so do the math!”

While Joe was there in the Store reminiscing about his Vette back in the day, I told him that the consensus among my “old time” motor heads seemed to be that his car and LG’s Ford Fairlane were the two baddest cars ever to have roamed the roads in Ridge. To confirm this, we then made a call to LG Raley and it was very nice catching up with him as we did so.

Here then is Joe posing for a photo taken by Chris Bender. It is a great photo even if it looks like Joe is wondering “What am I doing posing with these three guys?”

Joe With YT, Kevin McKay and JW Raley

Soon after Joe made his appearance, Tommy Courtney, courtesy of his chauffeur Bob Mann, dropped into the Store to celebrate his (Tommy’s) 78th birthday. I always joke that Tommy and Santa Claus have a lot in common – they visit Buzzy’s once a year! Couple of good pictures here that gave me a business idea along the lines “Have your photo taken with Santa.” Maybe I should start “Get your photo taken with Tommy Courtney. He’ll even smile!”

Timmy and His Main Mann Bob
Two Wynne Roadies – Tommy and Greg Madjeski

Joe and Tommy, hope I am on my game as much as they both are in their late 70’s.

Musically, Tommy bears a resemblance to another Tom doesn’t he?

And since it’s a twofer, here’s a Joe to Joe comparison for you:

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