Sol & Stella Visit

Earlier this month Pam’s parents Sol and Stella visited with us for a couple days as they made their way back to their home in Florida. (Like all smart Floridians, Sol & Stella work their northern visits to coincide with the months July and August.) They stayed with Pam’s brother Norm and his wife Roz in Vienna before heading to Rochester and check in with Pam’s sister Marcie and the rest of the Rochester relatives.

While Sol and Stella were visiting with us we had the pleasure of accompanying Captains Bubba and Jimmy Cullison to Smith Island. Joining us were Norm and Penny Klink, Doug Ford and John Carbone for a very relaxing day on the Bay. Attached video is of us heading back across the Bay. (Look to the left of the parrot and you’ll see our Capt. Jimmy dozing. Fortunately Capt. Bubba was awake and at the helm!)–fPkC0

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