Buzzy’s Country Store September Birthdays

September features several birthdays in the Buzzy’s Country Store extended family first of whom is Joyce Kirsch (Coach Jack’s wife) on 3 September followed by my Godmother Peggy McMurray on 4 September.

We then celebrate a major milestone for Duncan Leper as he hits 5-0 on 5 September. Jim Gray checks in on the 8th and Brian Shaw on the 10th. Making for something good about remembering 9/11, we celebrate David Clutch Raley’s birthday.

My cousin J. Frank Raley’s birthday is on the 13th; my sister Donna and her husband Jerry celebrate their anniversary on the 14th; Gary Chop Chop Norris’ birthday is on the 15th; Lou Gentry’s is on the 17th; Lori McKay and Donna Wheatley celebrate on the 25th; and Joan Bean is on the 27th.

With all these births occurring in September it makes you wonder if that’s why they chose to put Labor Day in this particular month!

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