Pt. Lookout Lighthouse

This past Saturday the Pt. Lookout Lighthouse was open to the public and several of the visitors to the Lighthouse stopped in Buzzy’s Country Store.  One couple had brought their teenage son down to see the Lighthouse because he knew about it through a video game Fallout 3 click here. (Hope he wasn’t too disappointed to see that the area is not the wasteland that Fallout 3 depicts it as being.)

Re:  all the haunted business I have two testimonials from  a couple of Ridge boys who have first hand knowledge of the Lighthouse’s  inner workings.  George Gatton who grew up in the Lighthouse echoed his father’s sentiments (see article) when he told me sometime back that it was not haunted, that he had never seen or heard anything there when was a kid growing up in the Lighthouse.

My buddy Herbie McKay has a different take however.  Herbie was at the Lighthouse doing some work for the Navy a couple years ago and he noted that some very strange things were indeed going on: weird noises and sounds of movement, tools and items he had put in one place were moved when he left and came back etc..  Herbie’s take “It’s definitely haunted.”

For more info Click here Later in the summer there are paranormal sessions/tours conducted at night at the Lighthouse if you’re up for it.

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