Buzzy, Iceland, Volcano

I finally located a picture I’d been looking for re: Iceland and their volcano.  When Buzzy I were in Iceland  we toured the area near the then dormant volcano.  I remember our tour guide saying that there were actually two volcano’s, one with a funny name and one named Katla.  He noted that Katla was the one they were most worried about since it was long overdue to erupt again.  (Turns out the one that did erupt was the one with the funny name so guess they still have Katla to look forward to and endure.)

Our tour group stopped in a little town near the volcano and I took the above picture of Buzzy with a shirt that naturally caught his eye.  He debated buying it but with the Iceland economy being pricey in general and the tourist trade prices really outrageous he wouldn’t pull the trigger on it. I remember him saying he may have considered buying it if the beer pictured on it had been a Budweiser, but even with a Bud I still doubt that he would have!

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